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FAQ for Teachers


Unsere Lehrkräfte sind das Herzstück von Helen Doron English.

Wir sind sehr stolz auf unsere Lehrkräfte, die in ihrem Unterricht Helen Dorons einzigartige Englischlernmethode erst zum Leben erwecken. Spaß, Kreativität und Freude am Lernen zeichnen ihren Unterricht aus. Das spricht besonders Kinder an. Unter ihrer Anleitung wird Englisch lernen für sie zu einem beglückenden Erlebnis, von dem sie nicht nur ihr Leben lang profitieren werden, sondern das ihnen auch unvergesslich in Erinnerung bleiben wird.

Die Lehrkräfte von Helen Doron English werden umfassend in unserer bewährten Methode des Englischunterrichts für Kinder geschult. Mit ihrer Qualifizierung werden sie Teil des weltweiten Netzwerks fachkundiger Helen-Doron-English-Lehrkräfte, die beim Unterrichten ihrer Schüler Zeichen setzen wollen.

Words from Teachers

  • “I was and still am happy to be part of the Helen Doron magic. If a year ago somebody told me that I would run my own Helen Doron English classes in a little, high-mountain town of about 6,000 citizens, I probably would not have believed it.”

    Mitsa Pepelanova,HDE Teacher, Bulgaria

  • Love working with kids?
  • Speak excellent English?
  • Looking for a fulfilling, independent career?

If you answered yes to these questions, becoming a Helen Doron English teacher may be the best career choice you’ll ever make. As a Helen Doron English teacher you will enjoy flexible working hours, a profitable freelance career, job satisfaction and the pride that comes from being part of a global community of respected Helen Doron English teachers. We offer you—

  • A proven method for teaching English as a second language (ESL) to children of all ages.
  • 30 years of experience in ESL and teacher training
  • Multiple career paths options: work as a self-employed teacher or a learning centre employee
  • An international Helen Doron English teaching diploma for worldwide career opportunities
  • Educational support from the Head Office through top-quality teaching materials, annual seminars and trainings, networking channels and an organization-wide information portal.
  • A rewarding career and the chance to make a difference in children’s lives

We’re looking for people with—

  • Excellent command of English, both spoken and written
  • Prior experience teaching English, children or both
  • An academic background

Words from Teachers

  • “I truly love my job at Helen Doron, and I feel I can be really creative and crazy with them! I love thinking of new ideas for props and games, and that’s what Helen Doron is all about: making it fun and interesting for the kids, and making the most of our creative selves.”

    Paula Daunt, HDE Teacher in Berlin
  • „I would very much like to thank Helen Doron teachers for teaching me English. They gave me a firm base in English. They showed me how cool English is and how far you can go with it.“

    Marcin Parafiniuk, former student from Poland


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It’s no coincidence that our teachers are the best in the industry.

We take their training VERY seriously.

Small Groups
Teacher training courses are conducted much like the Helen Doron English classes. They are fun, held in small groups in a responsive and engaging environment, and are designed to expand trainees’ joy in teaching.

Course Options
Candidates can choose to become Helen Doron Early English (HDEE) teachers or Helen Doron Teen English (HDTE) teachers, depending on their preferences and previous teaching experience. For teachers who have successfully completed the full HDEE course, a seminar focusing on HDTE is available.

Teacher Trainers
All Helen Doron Early English teacher trainers are professionals with proven competency and years of experience teaching the unique Helen Doron English method to new teachers.

Trainees must complete the course requirements in order to graduate. In addition to the course participation hours, a minimum of one hour prep time is required each evening outside of class to prepare for the next days’ lesson. A 2- 3 page essay is also required to complete the course. Candidates must pass practical demonstrations and submit an essay in order to graduate.

What graduates take home
All graduating teachers receive teaching kits, including books and CDs; teacher guides, flashcards and other teaching aids; promotional tools such as press files and media kits; and practical information on running a self-employed business. Most importantly, graduates receive their Helen Doron English Teacher Diploma which enables them to teach at over 700 Helen Doron English Learning Centres around the world or set up their own learning studio.

See our COURSE CALENDAR for upcoming Teacher Training Courses around the world.


Words from Teachers

  • “I have been a Helen Doron English teacher for 7 years. . . . I knew I wanted to teach children a foreign language, but I didn’t know how. School was so rigid and boring, and in contrast, I discovered this wonderful method where children  learn just by playing and enjoying themselves. I still think it is just amazing!”

    Misha Ewell Opava, HDE Teacher, Czech Republic
  • “Helen Doron English is today the top and leading programme in the world not just because of its methodology, not just because of its materials, but because we have the TOP TEACHERS!”

    Helen Doron, Founder and CEO


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