Is owning a Helen Doron Learning Studio right for you?

BY Parentalk Staff

Thinking about going back to work but need a job with flexible hours? Or perhaps you are considering starting your own business but afraid of the risk involved. Starting your own Helen Doron Learning Studio might be just the right thing for you.


Flexible schedule

Many Helen Doron Learning Studio owners have previously left a career to have children. Unlike most businesses, which demand full-time commitment or more just to keep the doors open, Helen Doron Learning Studio owners really can choose when and how much they want to work.


Good earning potential

Earnings depend on the number of classes taught each week. If you work a lot, your earnings will reflect that. In general, the potential is excellent. On average, even working 10 classes per week means a gross income of around 2500€ after franchise royalties*.


Fun & room for creativity

Learning Studio owners tend to start out teaching their classes themselves. They like working with kids, who are at their most receptive to learning when the atmosphere is fun. The Helen Doron English programme provides a complete plan for every lesson, but there is always room to add your own personal creativity. After all creativity is the foundation of the Helen Doron method. The more engaged the teacher is, the more fun the kids will have, and the more they will learn.


Rewarding work

Watching children learn is amazing. When they start to understand and use what they have learned, it fills teachers with pride. Plus, English is an invaluable skill that children can carry with them throughout their lives; this can only open doors to them. As a Helen Doron English Learning Studio owner, you would be increasing the chances for success for a generation of children in your community.


Not going at it alone

One of the greatest things about owning a Helen Doron Learning Studio is that you have everything you need to get started from day one. The Helen Doron method has been continually developed and revised for over 30 years. Today there are over 20 courses geared toward different ages, levels of English ability and specific settings. Courses consist typically of 40 lessons, each with a complete lesson plan. Beyond that Helen Doron English provides lots of other online and offline resources to enhance the learning experience, always in a fun and playful manner.

The Helen Doron English curriculum is the heart of our system, but as a franchisee you benefit from much more. There is a complete set of training seminars for you to learn the required teaching skills but also to get up to speed on the business aspects of running your studio. After that you receive ongoing support from your master franchisor and the community of other Helen Doron franchisees. We also have a wide selection of marketing materials to help you promote your business. Finally you benefit from our international and national marketing campaigns, which promote the Helen Doron brand and also bring you new students.


Low Risk

The investment is very minimal. 3000€ is required with another 2000€ suggested for set up and furnishing your studio. Compared to other franchises, such as in the restaurant industry, this is a very manageable amount.


Easy to get started

Open up your own Learning Studio in just a few simple steps.

Proven methodology

Helen Doron English is a globally recognized institution with over 30 years of success teaching English to children of all ages. Over 2 million students speak English today thanks to its unique method based on small group learning, a fun environment, positive reinforcement and repeated background listening of specially created songs. All of the pre-created course materials have been time-tested and are ready to use. Songs, activities, videos and even workbooks that include augmented reality features keep kids engaged to learn.

There are over 800 franchisees worldwide!

If you want to learn more, you can request our Learning Studio Informational Brochure and watch the video below.



* Please note these numbers are intended solely as a non-binding example and indicate potential income before taxes without any claim of completeness or validity.

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