Could you be a mompreneur?

BY Parentalk Staff

In Germany, nearly half a million mothers with children under 18 are self-employed. Those numbers are growing, and it’s no wonder. It’s an attractive option to have flexible hours that coordinate with school, kita and childcare schedules, not to mention doctor/dentist opening hours. It is the dream of many mothers to be their own boss and decide how much work they want to take on. But do you have what it takes? Here are five attributes that successful mompreneurs possess:



Mompreneurs do the work that they do because they find it fulfilling and rewarding. Of course, money is important but it should not be the driving factor. It takes a great amount of dedication and effort to make this model work and it would be difficult to sustain the needed energy if it is pursued out of financial reasons alone.


Organizational Skills

Having kids is already a test of one’s organizational skills. And mompreneurs are especially adept at creating and sticking to a structure that balances their family and business lives. Some multi-tasking is inevitable, but too much can lead to a lack of focus. Being organized is about keeping priorities in order. Sometimes this means separating work from home more distinctly. Successful mompreneurs compartmentalize when they work on their enterprise and when they focus on their family. This way, they can devote their full attention to both at different times. On occasion, this means being able to put the work away to concentrate on family time.


Business & Management Skills

Smart entrepreneurs of any ilk make sure they have the skills necessary to navigate the financial and business aspects of their work, such as purchasing, selling and marketing. Without this skillset, it would be difficult if not impossible to get a business off the ground, no matter how much passion is behind it. If you don’t have these skills now, do not fear. Nowadays it is easier than ever to find support.  Resources, such as set up by the German Ministry for Business and Energy, exist to help mothers educate themselves in the more practical aspects of small business ownership. There are also many online platforms, such as or, that offer business coaching for a small fee. If you are looking into starting a franchise, the company may also provide business training to make sure that you are well armed to face these challenges.


Staying Power

Being a small business owner is not a fly-by-night endeavor. Successful mompreneurs possess the tenacity to make their homegrown business work for them. This is where that passion really plays out. Set backs and imperfections are a fact of life for any newly minted enterprise. But mompreneurs who rise to the top see these challenges as opportunities for them to learn and grow.


Support System

Despite the name, mompreneurs cannot do all on their own. Therefore it’s important that they ask for assistance when necessary, whether from inside or outside the home. A willing partner, family, friends or even hired help to take care of cleaning or childcare can be key to making sure that family life continues to flow evenly. If children are old enough, they can also be a great asset, taking on responsibilities at home and sometimes also in the business. Some mompreneurs purposefully include their children, in order to model for them on a daily basis what it means to be a business owner. This inspires kids with the notion that they, just like you, can go after and realize their dreams.

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